Cocktail Hour Live Music

Cocktail hour Live Music at a wedding is one of the most enjoyable portions of the night, with all the socialising and catching up with friends and the great beverages and canapés. However, some couples choose to keep things simple by listening to music through their speakers, while others want to start the celebration straight away with live entertainment. Here are some pointers and music suggestions for your Cocktail Hour Live Music if you’re in the latter camp.

  • Choose entertainment that reflects your personal preferences and interests.

Bringing in the correct entertainment for your cocktail hour (and wedding as a whole) is crucial to making your cocktail hour (and wedding) seem like a reflection of who you are as a couple. In addition, cocktail hour is a great time to accentuate the event with your signature style. For example, if you enjoy going to jazz clubs, you might consider hiring a jazz quartet and acoustic duo / singer to play cocktail hour.

  • Consider the environment.

If you’re having a traditional wedding in a proper location, a dramatic performance by a harpist may be lovely. Alternatively, for a more relaxed garden wedding, an hour of bluegrass music might be entertaining for guests. 

  • Bring in music that celebrates your ancestors.

Because the cocktail hour is such a minor part of the celebration, it’s a fantastic opportunity to include unexpected entertainment or entertainment that represents the couple’s origins. Including something from the couple’s ancestry or celebrating something they care about wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the ceremony or reception.

  • Consider your surroundings.

Depending on your wedding location, you may be able to integrate music that will expose attendees to the local culture. When it comes to the type of music you listen to, you have a lot of choices, and you may include a local style of music that you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise.


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Cocktail Hour Live Music