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From Dandenong Ranges wedding DJ to some of the most outstanding wedding singers, wedding bands, and orchestras, we’ve heard it all. We’ve experienced firsthand how, depending on wedding entertainment, even similar weddings in size, venue, theme, décor, and other factors can have a completely different feel and energy. Whether the ambiance is tranquil and sophisticated or exuberant and a footloose free-for-all, it’s an essential aspect of setting the tone. Whether it’s due to the music itself or the encouragement of the DJ or band leader acting as the MC, wedding music helps your guests relax and enjoy the festivities.


Choosing between a wedding DJ and a live wedding band is frequently a financial decision. DJs are generally less expensive. Of course, this does not imply that wedding DJs are inexperienced in their field. On the other hand, a live wedding band requires more people to pay, more equipment, and, of course, the extra talent of incorporating instruments and singing. The size, experience, and depth of the band’s skill set, as well as the time of year and length of time you want them to perform, will all affect the price.


The overall mood and feel you’d like to accomplish is the next consideration after you’ve included finances into your wedding planning considerations. For example, the genre of music you’re looking for may have an impact on what works best. Live performances of big bands and swing music are frequently more stunning. Live performers, especially if they’re playing jazz-era music (and dressed appropriately), may add to the authenticity of your Great Gatsby wedding theme. On the other hand, DJs can easily maintain the night’s speed and rhythm without pausing or losing enthusiasm. Live musicians have bad nights, whereas recorded music is consistently reliable.


The amount of diversity you want in the music for your wedding reception plays a role in deciding whether to hire a wedding DJ or a wedding band. Do you and your fiancé have opposing musical tastes? Do you want a combination of traditional wedding music, classic favourites, something for the older generations, and contemporary pop music? The more diverse your wedding music wish list, the more difficult it will be for a live band to cover a wide range of genres. A DJ with an extensive music library can instantly flip from country to classic, as well as accommodate any last-minute requests.


They have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your preferences. Live music always has a more authentic feel and plays a more significant role in the overall aesthetic of the night, and a wedding band may surely be much more original and different. On the other hand, a DJ will play the songs just as you and your guests remember them, whether slow and romantic or energetic and fun, making it that much easier to connect with and appreciate.
No matter your choice, make sure you get a true sense of how they perform, their level of professionalism, how their personalities in person could influence their personas on stage, and how well they can work with a crowd. Good music played well will bring your guests to the dance floor and leave them with happy, long-lasting memories of your big day.



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