Believe it or don’t believe it, the DJ in the Yarra Valley DOESN’T have as much to do with making this happen AS YOU DO! You have the power as a couple to make your wedding dance party the most fun and amazing ever. How you ask? We got you! Here is what you need to do my friends:⁣

 🎶 Choose songs that you as A COUPLE want to dance to like ACTUALLY want to dance to. Think LESS jamming in the car together & more like ALL out dance party at a house. Even if its only five songs, that is totally fine! With both of you on the floor together dancing to your favourite song it will guarantee to get everyone on to the dance floor with you. (Make sure they are songs that MOST guests at your wedding reception know as well) ⁣ 

🎶 Pick songs for the wedding party! This is the lifeblood of the party, your biggest supporters: they are literally the friends and family you have picked and will be the most excited for you as a couple. Of course, they will want to get out there and dance with you guys, but how much more excited will they be if you were to play the songs that you ABSOLUTELY know everybody love. Also, it just looks cool when a group of your bridal party who are wearing the same outfit dance together. It is a party magnet! When coming up with the song request list think as specifically as possible about what members of your wedding party will definitely DANCE TO. ⁣ 

🎶 Choose a couple of songs catered to friends and family over 40yrs old. (Mom, Dad, Aunts & Uncles, Older Friends) Try the best to clump those friends and family in to groups of 15-20 and think about genres, artists or specific tunes that they as a group will want to dance to. Even if it is not your cup of tea – they will absolutely love it! Remember there are some tunes they might just enjoy listening to while in their seats but which tunes will get them up and on to the floor for sure? ⁣

Bonus Tips from the DJ: ⁣ 🎤 Put the DJ as close to the dance floor as possible⁣ 🎤 Keep the Photobooth, Bar & DJ all in the same room (if possible)⁣ 🎤 Sit the Younger guests Close to the Dance Floor as well as close to the DJ Booth.

Blog is written by Matt Jefferies Entertainment for Yarra Valley Wedding DJ

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