DJ in Yarra Valley Tips

DJ in Yarra Valley Tips: Planning a Covid-safe Event

In the previous year, as the pandemic took a toll on people’s wellbeing, health, and mental disposition, everything was like in an inanimate suspension. Shops, likewise, some of them closed, and some services halted eventually.

And just like a flat tyre, the pandemic impeded weddings, corporate events, holidays and even birthdays to be on full throttle. There is a sudden turnaround for industries other than businesses, but also those involved in entertainment, food services, and events are undeniably affected.

But as the tides of happenstances flow, roll, rise and ebb, Australians learnt to carry on; given the government’s health protocols, gradually everyone hooroo to their worries. Resiliently, slowly claiming a sense of normalcy in a time where things seem not normal.

And as for those who somehow still want to celebrate life’s ripper moments, they can still throw a Covid safe event. How? By simply doing the following:

  • Looking up and seeing new possibilities – Technology has paved the way for virtual classrooms and even office conferences and meetings, even pre-pandemic years. These days, an event can move forward through such platform – digitally. Despite venue limitations on the number of guests, events such as weddings, birthdays, and corporate functions still are good on ya! This is done by listing down only choice guests who would be able to attend physically and those who would be there essentially through video attendance (there are companies out there that do the trick).
  • Elect a Venue that prioritises client’s health – more than wanting a venue with a rabbit-proof fence (that is, if you’re going for an outdoors event) or choosing for an indoor events place pluck out one where the manager does not yabber around; instead, he or she clearly lay down to you their health guidelines for various occasions. Say, they vividly discuss how much guests are allowed more than how many tinnies or lager is for drinking, plans for social distancing, and an area designated as handwashing stations.
  • Think of the timing– practically, there is still a long way to go before this whole thing of the pandemic would come to an end. Be in the know with the current directives from the government on lockdowns, restrictive policies so you would be in the loop and never have to postpone your event.
  • Back it up! – make sure to have contingencies early on. Try to foresee what could happen and what hurdles could there be.
  • Have entertainment vendors that are as ready as you are- there are some companies that offer real-time virtual mosaic walls where one can send photos and even share them with loved ones and friends online. There are also singers, bands, DJs who bring their instruments, gears and own microphones who uphold the strict and utmost adherence to health requirements.
  • Be meticulous in choosing guests who would attend physically- learn about the guests’ health status, that is, if it is not fit to a “t” to their condition, consider if they would be invited in person or virtually. Send the keepsakes and other favours beforehand to the guests; this would save you from being in contact with the crowd or any one of the guests not putting yourself in peril.

Since the virus is so minute and invisible to the naked eye, the greatest shield of defence is keeping oneself healthy. We owe it to ourselves, our partner and of course to our family and friends who shall be in our event. So keep those hands squeaky clean and everything else sanitised for Covid-safe environment and events.

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