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DJ Wedding Yarra Valley Hire – Why Dancing Is Important On Your Wedding Day

Dancing, more than an art, is an expression of one’s cultural disposition as it may depict an act of war, a religious ritual which in itself part of chants, a figment of movements in nature the sway of branches, the flutter of birds in flight, a showcase of amorous courtship, a visual rhythmic display of worship of local gods and a means of entertainment.

Weddings also are not complete without any sort of dances; it is quite evident that the usual first dance evolved into flash mobs and well-choreographed feats, especially in the 2010s and rolling over the years.

But, specifically, why is dancing always at weddings? Why is it important? Here’s a few stuff that we should see in dances:

  • It is ritualistic 

A part of the jovial celebration, but also it is a time-honoured tradition, and it won’t hurt if one would follow through.

  • It makes guests and family entertained. 

Whether we admit it or not, it amuses spectators in the wedding because it is a legit public display of lovey-dovey feeling of the couple. There is something about cheesiness that ups the happy hormones in people.

  • Dances are a form of artistic expression

The emotions of love and endearment are translated into motions, steps, caresses that are staged through dance. It removes the ambiguity of unspoken words and freely expresses ignited passion.

  • Dances are symbolic 

The first dance may be indicative of the proclaimed union of the couple whereas the father and daughter dance affirms the quiet but arduous love of the father to his daughter and that he finally gave her way, but she remains his baby.

  • Crushes barrier among people 

If people can’t sing, at least they could dance, and this could be a way to connect with a person or meet new ones in the process. 

DJ Wedding Yarra Valley Hire

Australians are natural-born dancers and this evident in weddings; and to keep them burning feverishly with adrenaline just spin the songs Nutbush City Limits, Macarena, YMCA which are among the favourites of guests of all ages. However, for our Asian brothers and sisters for one R & B and ‘90s Pop keeps the dance floor ablaze. But whatever culture or belief each one has, dance is a way of life, and it would not go out of style, especially in weddings. It energises everyone to move and to interact, and of course, it is a communal affirmation that the wedding party is a striking hit.

As part of the wedding entertainment, the songs and dances are mostly remembered, and all these are ministered only by a super fine DJ Wedding Yarra Valley Hire.

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