Hire DJ Yarra Valley Things to consider when hiring a DJ for Entertainment

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Things to consider when hiring a DJ for Entertainment 

Entertainment is perhaps one of the events that highlight more than the reason, the theme, the food, and the event itself. Instead, it is the force that makes those in attendance looking forward to the next bash you ought to have in the near future.

Noticeably more and more people would hire DJs, and if the budget permits, they would also have bands and an emcee too.

If no-fuss entertainment is what one is after, DJs, of course, tops the list. 

But what are the things anyone might want to consider before hiring a DJ for entertainment? Here are a few that could be jotted down to one’s personal notes:

  • What is the event? Is it a wedding, birthday celebration, school formal, corporate event? Let not confuse one wedding DJ with a Club DJ because there is quite a huge difference between the two. So decide well which to pluck out from the list.
  • Would it be just DJ services or MC as well? Be specific on the entertainment needs at the moment. Will it just be DJing that you are looking for, or does it have to be combined with inspirational MC services?
  • Hire someone you are comfortable with – it’s just like when you are attending a counsellor’s therapy session, you can’t be that open to that person if you feel you can’t trust him or her enough to speak your mind or pitch in some things as suggestions and spill out what are the things that are bothering you. So choose someone that has a good attitude, sunny disposition and of course has a respectable reputation.
  • Read testimonies, ask for years of experience, etc. – Be in the know who people root for and go for when they hold their events if there is no one to share a word with about their experience with a certain DJ, research and or attend DJ gigs if possible. 
  • Learn to have quotations and conduct interviews- do not shy away from asking for service rates, and don’t just settle for only one. Have phone interviews or meetings with your potential DJ and check if you are comfortable with them.
  • Skills + Gear – these are the first things one should look for in a DJ’s excellent performance and equipment. A good DJ will bring the best equipment for your event. 
  • Professionalism and fine-tuned attitude – is the prospect good at receiving comments, questions and suggestions? Does he have a good line of repertoire and versatile in different genres and themes? Does he show up at meetings prior to the event and is on time? Is he trustworthy? Try to be extra observant of actions more than their words.

Hiring a DJ for entertainment can be a challenging endeavour, but more than the gut feel that the DJ is the right one, doing away with haste and taking time to choose is the way to hire the best one. It may never come easy, but it would be worth it in the end.

Hire DJ Yarra Valley: Things to consider when hiring a DJ for Entertainment blog by Yarra Valley Wedding DJ

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