Professional Wedding DJ Value Yarra Valley

In the DJ industry, there’s a saying that’s frequently quoted: “Everybody thinks they can DJ!” And it is correct! Most people feel that DJing isn’t all that difficult, especially when it comes to mobile DJs who play at corporate events and weddings. The technical act of ‘disc jockeying’ isn’t all that difficult, especially if they aren’t performing things like reading crowds, choosing the right songs that will make people dance. If DJs aren’t doing it, then no—djing isn’t much more than switching between music on a computer or turntables at that time. That is NOT, however, what you pay and the value of hiring a Professional Wedding DJ to accomplish. Yes, anyone can switch tunes on and off, just as everyone can technically capture photographs or make a cake. However, much like those other vocations stated above, the true worth of a DJ comes from a few different areas.

Professional Wedding DJ Value

You hire a photographer not to ‘press a button on a camera’ but catch tiny moments in the ideal light and exposure. You hire a baker to create a great-tasting, custom-decorated cake, not simply mix some pre-made batter and pop it in the oven. A DJ is in the same boat. You’re not paying someone to merely “play tunes on an iPod,” but to:

  • Emcee and host an event.
  • Set up a friendly sound system, make it sound excellent, and use it to generate a buzz and good vibe in the space so you and your guests can have a fantastic time and danced all night.
  • Create a music list with peaks and troughs during the event and keep the dance floor busy.
Professional Wedding DJ Value

While everyone can execute the ‘activity’ of DJing, managing a party and not just choosing tracks at random and hoping for the best takes practise, trial-and-error, and experimenting. All of which your ‘fire mixtapes’ college friend indeed doesn’t have!

It’s an Art to Create the Perfect Playlist. It takes an artist to create a DJ playlist for a wedding or special occasion. Consider this: as a DJ, you’re responsible for compiling a playlist of that will appeal to your whole audience and keep them interested enough to dance. It’s a bit of a challenge!

You’ll deal with people coming up to you all night long with demands, some of which will ruin your dance floor. Putting together a playlist entails more than just choosing your favourite songs—even if your taste is ‘excellent.’ On a dance floor, people don’t want to discover and be exposed to new, hip music. Instead, they would like to dance and sing along to tunes they already know. Not just young bucks, but all generations! Grandma, too, wants to get down. 

A live wedding DJ customises the music they play to each event in real-time, taking into account not only your preferences but also the mood of the night and how guests are reacting, and they ‘build’ the buzz in such a way that people feel constantly lifted – so they stay on the dancefloor all night.

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Professional Wedding DJ Value