Wedding Band Yarra Valley

As a Wedding Band Yarra Valley, we have over ten years’ experience playing at countless live events and beautiful Melbourne weddings! Thus, we have worked with many people who are planning their dream wedding or another special event. Below is our list of tips to help you find the best live music band for your big day!

  • What Styles Of Music Do You Prefer?

Before you go looking for your dream a wedding band, have a think about the genres of music you would like played. Are you a pop/rock fan? Would you like a niche wedding band who specifically plays jazz music? Or do you like a mix of top 40 hits from many genres? Would like a little bit of pop, soul, rock, county and R&B music played at your wedding? If so, perhaps a more general cover band is best for you!

  • Have an Idea Of Your Budget In Mind:

What is your budget for live music on your wedding day? The cost of our wedding band (Ms Lexi & Celestial Band) is a little more than double the cost of a DJ. However, we offer you, four live musicians and singers, in our 4-piece band. Therefore, if you’re looking for the vibe of a traditional live music band, chat to us today.

  • Make Sure You’ve Already Confirmed Your Venue & Date:

It goes without saying, it’s a lot easier for us to let you know if we’re available if you have a confirmed date! We sometimes deal with couples who are in the market but don’t have a date yet. These types of people do research for a while. Then when they’re finally ready to pull the trigger, they tend to book all their suppliers on the same day, or in the same week.

  • Do You Research Online:

This applies whether you are shopping for your dream wedding band, or another product or service. Have a look at your prospective band’s photos and videos. Look for video evidence of past weddings and live performances! Unless you’re specifically in the market for an ‘up and coming’ band, it would be wise to make sure that your band has some experience.

  • Read Their Best & Worst Reviews:

This is a little trick works a charm every time. Go to Google and pull up your prospective band’s reviews. Look at their best and the worst reviews. What does their most angry and disgruntled customer say about them? These might reveal some red flags you may want to take heed of before booking them in for your wedding day!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our five hottest tips when it comes to booking a Wedding Band Yarra Valley for your wedding, or other special events!

If you’re in Melbourne looking for a live music band, be sure to check out Ms Lexi & Celestial Band. We are live music experts! With a killer Song list, we really do have a song for everyone!

Written by Lexi Ross from Ms Lexi & Celestial Band

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