Wedding Bomboniere Ideas

Wedding Bomboniere Ideas – DIY and More

 Guests are also spectators, and beyond the grub, the entertainment, experience and memories, one thing they would be anticipating is the Bomboniere. This is literally a piece of that glorious milestone in your life shared with them.

 So spare yourself the hassle, and together with your guests, have a look at these lovely Bomboniere ideas and memorise each of these as one might be picked for your much anticipated day:

14 Wedding Bomboniere Ideas

  • Look at lollies differently – Definitely, you had seen this in a wedding magazine and actual events but try to pin up a new and fresh way to present them like hard ones, “needs smashing” lollies that have literally messages inside them –a reference to Pinterest perhaps.
  • Gonna go Japanese– if you are familiar with the Japanese paper folding technique called origami and enjoyed not doing just paper cranes, maybe furoshiki will also appeal to you. It is an artful way of wrapping things, but usually, giftable items and even food- use fine cloth instead of fancy papers.
  • Barks, nuts, and all the works – combine pretzels dipped on whimsically coloured chocolates, candied fruits, edible sweet barks, and “outrageously” delectable mixed nuts and place them on takeaway boxes.
  • Locks and keys – if you are not giving away edible stufflook for antiquated pieces of locks and keys. Even new ones, and if you are on the artistic side of things, level them up and give them wow factor with intricately hand-painted filigrees and or monoline messages.
  • Box filled with stuff for DIY cupcakes– a creative way to present your good two shoe cupcakes is not only to have them tiered alongside other sweet things during the wedding but actually shoving them into a dainty box with ready frostings and other fancy stuff. Let the guests decorate theirs in the comfort of their homes.
  • Concoction jars – Whichever the guests like coffee, tea or cocoa design for them a cup or a jar filled with their preferred drink. If coffee full-bodied or with cream, sugar cubes or a single vanilla bean or cinnamon stick. Cocoa with marshmallows, mini choc chips or instead of powdered drink, perhaps a melting chocolate bomb will do. If it is tea, then flowers and fruits for delicate infusion or any bolder or milder tea variations. All that is needed is to add water, and voila! A hot and enticing drink.
  • Mini teapot and cups for high tea- go and explore the nearest novelty shop and look for these pieces and gift them to your guests, and who knows, they might invite you soon for an afternoon tea and a post-wedding chat.
  • Dried to infinity – have your favourite blooms preserved and encased in glass and have them as your lasting wedding favours.
  • Miniature paintings –a bit smaller than one’s hand and fits the palm, one can unleash their inner Picasso or Salvador Dali and to make them even more special, have these paintings with their own little easel too.
  • Palo Santo and Sages – make a quiet, serene space for your guests when they get home as they burn pieces of these two to cleanse all negative vibes.
  • Frenzied Frames – a nice photo of your guests placed into frames or turned into photo magnets are nifty ways to preserve the moment and freeze the memories in time.
  • Symbolic Confection –  biscuit-shaped as a wedding dress or bowtie show, or even their names handcrafted. These will remind guests that it is a wedding and the customise Bomboniere will make them feel special. 
  • Sultana Surprise- place inside a test tube small samples of raisins varying in colour and tastes and sprinkle with few nuts for that crunch while snacking.
  • Wrapped up in Music – It is common to see playlist being turned to CDs but instead of the conventional CD case, use a musical score sheet of the main theme song of the wedding. Once unwrapped, any one of the guests could downright play the piano, guitar, or violin use the notations written on the sheet.

 There are plenty of ways to amaze your guests, and only one fact remains, though. Do it with large doses of creativity and explore more out of the box ideas that seal in the “wow” in every piece of Bomboniere; well thought of and graciously designed from the heart.

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