Wedding Ceremony Music Timeline

Planning your wedding timetable may be exciting and joyful, but you may want some assistance. We’re here to help you rekindle the creative flow you had before the details became too much to handle. Here are some helpful hints for arranging your Wedding Ceremony Music Timeline for your Wedding DJ MC to make your event a success.

Wedding Ceremony Music Timeline

The Beginning
When choosing music for your wedding, keep in mind that this is YOUR wedding. This is a full-day celebration of your and your partner’s love for one other, surrounded by family and friends with nothing but limitless fun insight.

What music do wedding DJs require?
Your favourite songs will automatically fall into place once we’ve covered what music your Wedding DJ genuinely needs from you. The secret is to choose only the music that Wedding DJs require, then take a big breath. Your Wedding DJ will take care of the rest.

Songs for Ceremonies
This procedure is quite simple. First, choose the music you require. Then, remember that not every pair is the same, and some will play fewer songs. That’s fine!

Music for Cocktails and Dinner
Do you like exciting and upbeat background music during cocktail hour or something more peaceful and relaxed? Several couples blend their Cocktail Hour and Dinner music. Maybe during Cocktail Hour, those classic rock songs you loved in high school and college will come back?

Songs and Music for the Reception
As previously indicated, consider the environment you want to create for your wedding. Upbeat and fun, or calm and relaxed? We usually hold the Grand March and Cake-Cutting just before supper. Special Dances, such as the First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, and Mother-Son Dance, are typically held just after supper. Is there no cake to cut? Fuh-get-about-it. After supper, perhaps? Why not, right?

Dancing Music for Reception
After everyone puts their cameras away and wipes away their tears of joy after the Special Dances, it’s time to kick things up a notch.

Yarra Valley Wedding DJ
You want your professional Wedding DJ to contribute and keep the party going because you engaged them. So first, we’ll see who’s dancing to what song based on your music choices. Then we decide what music to play and when to play it.

Requests for songs
The wedding DJ will already know what to play from your consultation or just by looking at your lists. A good DJ strive to strike a balance between song requests, their music library, and experience as DJ. Do not hesitate to contact your DJ if you want assistance as soon as you wish! 

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