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Wedding DJ MC Yarra Valley – The Difference Between a DJ and an MC

Yes, both are similar when it comes to setting the tone and mood of the program and that they are also bound to put up with the platform for interaction. Some people mistaken DJ work and MC task as one and the same, but there is actually a line of distinction between the two.

DJ work is all-inclusive of producing anticipated playlist or set of records to be spun during the wedding reception. MC or Master of Ceremony is obligated to define the details and intricacies of the program at the wedding reception.

As the DJ plays the background music, the MC, on one hand, work hand in hand with the former so as to give cues when to fade the music to give way to certain announcements and when to proceed.

If hiring only a DJ most of them are basically staying in the DJ rig and there are fewer words for them to spill out like the most basic and the shortest of all announcements say welcoming the bride and groom as they enter the banquet hall. A family member can take on the role of the emcee, though.

If it is only the MC to be hired, chances are the couple themselves must ask for the assistance of a friend or a relative to do the mixing of sounds. However, though, the MC can manage to instruct the guests to where to locate the escort cards wall, or if there aren’t any directly telling the guests were to have their seats. More so, they could say if it is the grand entrance, introduce the bride and groom, asks someone to propose a toast, speeches, when to dance and when to fall in line or to approach the buffet table or if the food would be bussed over to the tables.

Without anyone to play the songs for the wedding event, the MC must work overtime to keep guests from exiting after dinner or endure a bout of boredom.

However, with all this information at hand, it is still the couple who is left to decide, and that is also dependent on the budget allotted for entertainment.

And with this, we have adequately designed packages to fit the bride and the groom’s entertainment needs.



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Wedding DJ MC Yarra Valley

The BASIC wedding package is all about outstanding wedding DJ services that if tight on the funds, the DJ could take on cardinal and fundamental emceeing tasks. However, if budget is not an issue, one can avail of the PREMIUM package whereby there would be a separate wedding DJ and an MC during the big day.

The advantage of the latter is that the DJ would not be frazzled by multitasking and as he dishes out the prescribed playlist and do away with the Do-not-play playlist. The MC shall pull out the fun by interacting with the guests – he could circle the venue to usher to the stage the friend or family member who would initiate the toast, he could help out the bride and groom to call the attention of guests for the first dance or the father and daughter dance. And he could liven up the celebration with funny and quirky wedding games and rituals.

So what now? Choose judiciously! And to take full advantage of the wedding entertainment select the package that corresponds to your options. It is not just a simple or ordinary day; it is a wedding, one of life’s most anticipated day!

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