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How To Choose Between A Wedding Band & Wedding DJ Melbourne Planning Your Reception.

How do you choose between hiring a wedding DJ Melbourne planning or a live band for your wedding reception? Not to stress, I have broken down the key deciding factors for both types of business to help make your decision easier.


When it is time to plan the wedding reception, there are so many different businesses to consider & hire, and the decisions can be daunting. One business I see couples struggle with usually is the choice of picking a wedding DJ or picking a live wedding band & how to select these providers. You have most likely heard me say it before, but I am a big fan of wedding DJs & everything they can bring to a wedding reception.

That being said, live music on the day can be a great fun form of wedding entertainment and a fun way to incorporate some style into the wedding reception. So how do you choose between hiring a wedding DJ Yarra Valley or a live wedding band Yarra Valley for your wedding reception? Not to freak out, I have broken down the key deciding factors for both business types to help make the choice much easier. 

Things To Consider With A Wedding DJ Melbourne

Communication is key

One of the many benefits of hiring a wedding DJ over a wedding band for the reception is all the communication you will receive prior to the wedding day. A professional wedding DJ will meet with you beforehand or on zoom to best understand your desires and needs for your wedding day (If requested) and how they can help you to achieve all your wishes. For example, if there is a list of tunes you want to hear at your reception, a song you know gets your friends and family on the dance floor or if you want a detailed & planned schedule for your wedding day, a professional Melbourne DJ will be able to execute this & make the necessary announcements to keep the evening flowing and on track.

Maintain Flow

Perhaps the best asset a wedding DJ can provide is the ability to maintain the flow of the wedding. This is a must if you do not have a wedding planner or someone to handle the details of the wedding day. It is important to make & maintain a schedule for the wedding ceremony & reception and have someone there to ensure the day stays on track. As the one with the microphone, the wedding DJ will make the necessary formal announcements to keep your friends and family informed and allow you to enjoy the reception without constantly stressing about what comes next.

Reading The Dance Floor

When it comes to getting all your family and friends out on the dance floor, wedding DJs are professionals. They have the skills to read the crowd & anticipate the needs of your friends and family in order to ensure they are having a blast of a time at your wedding reception. They know when to play background music & when to kick it up a notch, and the genre of music your guests responds to the best.

Customization – Wedding DJ Melbourne Planning

With a wedding DJ in Melbourne, you are able to truly customize your reception and even choose every single tune that is played, if you wish. You can include a variety of genres throughout the night to appease the entirety of your friends and family.

Things To Consider When Hiring A Live Wedding Band

Wedding Entertainment Melbourne

While Wedding reception DJs are awesome, hiring a live band can bring a special element to the wedding that your friends and family won’t experience often. A live band brings energy; only live performances will be able to. This is an awesome option to provide entertainment to your friends and family, especially if they are not a big dancing crew. Live music can provide fun entertainment, even for those friends and family who are not known to tear up the dance floor.

Consider Your Wedding Venue

When it comes to picking between a wedding DJ or a live wedding band, your venue can be a huge deciding factor. Some venues are set up amazing for live bands, while others are simply just not set up for it. Keep this in mind when determining which way you prefer to go with the wedding music & entertainment.

Think About The Guests – Melbourne DJ

Consider your friends and family that will be attending the wedding to help make this choice. Are they a concert-going crowd? Do any of your friends and family enjoy the same style of music? While your wedding is largely about you & your partner, you still want to consider your friends and family as they are devoting a day to celebrate with you & likely spending cash on you in the process, so you will want to make sure they have a blast. If they are likely to spend a Friday night enjoying some live tunes at a local venue, a live band might be the best option for the wedding reception.

Not Mcs

Depending on the live musician or musicians you choose to hire, they are typically not going to be your MC. Sure, they may initiate a toast to the newlyweds or make an announcement or two, but you should not rely on them to maintain the flow of the wedding. If your wedding reception includes a lot of scheduled events & activities, a live band might make this a little more difficult to execute properly. If you are the kind of couple that wants to skip a lot of the traditional items and get your friends and family straight to the dance floor, a live band may be the option for you. Keep in mind a good Dj will be able to get everyone straight to the dance floor too.!

Every wedding reception is different & every couple, guests and venue are different, so take this into consideration when deciding between a Wedding DJ or Live Wedding Band for your wedding reception.

Whichever direction you decide to choose, hiring a Day-of-Coordinator can always help make sure the day runs smoothly.

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