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Wedding DJ Melbourne Responsibilities By Matt Jefferies Entertainment

It is essential first to understand what responsibilities a modern wedding DJ Melbourne responsibilities should have for your wedding reception. The foremost responsibility, as you may imagine, is to play awesome music at your wedding reception that will keep guests involved and having a fun time. However, there is a lot more to this than you may expect. The most common mistake couples make when picking a Wedding DJ Melbourne responsibilities is to overestimate the ease of playing amazing music that keeps a crowd on the dance floor.

Wedding DJ Melbourne Responsibilities

It is essential first to understand what responsibilities a professional DJ should have for the wedding. The foremost responsibility, as you may imagine, is to play music at the reception that will keep everyone involved and having an awesome time. However, there is a lot more to this than you may expect. The most common mistake couples make when picking a wedding DJ Melbourne is to overestimate the ease of playing reception music that keeps the friends and family on the dance floor.

For this reason, sometimes couples will decide to have a coworker or friend DJ their wedding reception rather than hire a professional wedding DJ Melbourne. In reality, though, there is the difference between a professional skilled wedding DJ & an amateur more apparent than on the dance floor. As we all will see, just because a person has DJ equipment does not mean that they will be skilled or trained on how to execute a wedding reception properly. Wedding DJs are not club DJs either. Wedding DJs have to be skilled and able to transition in & out of all types of genres easily.

Playing tunes at a club venue is absolutely nothing like playing tunes at a wedding reception.

At a club, most party people are around a similar age and have similar tastes in music. This is why they are there! This will lead the inexperienced DJ to assume that everybody likes the same kind of music as they do.

At a wedding reception, however, there may be guests from ages 8 to 80 on the dance floor at any one time & the differences in their musical tastes will be wide.

It is up to the DJ to decide how to interact with these age groups and what to play. Only experienced will teach a wedding DJ Yarra Valley the need for variety. Their job is to appeal to as many people as they can by playing all styles of familiar party & wedding music. An experienced wedding DJ will know that everybody is passionate about ‘” their style” of music & know how to tap into that passion & present it in a manner that everybody on the dance floor can get excited about together. The DJ will know how to correctly weave in & out of many different styles of music and, ultimately, keep the dance floor going all night long without a problem.

DJs with very little or no wedding experience, on the other hand, may not even consider the diversity of the dance floor. When people do not respond to the music selections, they may get frustrated & simply blame the crowd rather than digging in & working the music to find something that works for everybody.

Remember, a professional DJ has a sense of pride to keep guests on the dance floor, whereas amateurs believe guests should be on the dance floor out of an obligation to them because they are the DJ! This is why the experience of the DJ is paramount to the success of the wedding night.

It’s also important to be sure that the DJ or entertainer has a big selection of song titles. Without an adequate range of music, it is difficult to satisfy a wide variety of age groups & musical tastes. In addition to just owning the music, the DJ should have extensive knowledge of the songs as well; this should include everything from popular country tunes and waltzes to the latest chart-topping hits.

Furthermore, be sure that the DJ will play the songs that YOU want to hear and pre-selected, not just the songs they would like to hear. Many frustrated newlyweds have spent the wedding night listening to the DJs favourite tunes! Also, be careful of the DJ whose presentation is obnoxious. 

You do not want a DJ who thinks that they are the star of the show.


Keep in mind when hiring a professional wedding DJ, you need to make sure they are who they say they are & can deliver what is promised. Please look at online reviews. I HIGHLY encourage you to check the businesses history on the ABIA website. They are the most trusted sites in the wedding industry when it comes to searching for reviews because they will check to make sure a contract was made between the couple & the DJ. Reviews can not be fabricated on their system. Good & bad reviews alike are all on there.

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