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Wedding DJ Yarra Valley Tips: Things To Do Before Your Wedding Day

Before you hit the bed for your beauty sleep since it is already the week of your wedding, take a minute or two to check on everything that has been done.

  • Ace the ceremony and events place

Check on the seating arrangement for guests during the wedding ceremony and also inspect the venue for the wedding reception if the escort cards are in place. Double, triple check and save a list for you too. Know as well if the equipment, lighting, area for entrance and exit are ready for you and the guests as well as the vendors.

  • DIY or not, have a Run Sheet

 Even if you do have your wedding coordinator or planner or you are doing things in a DIY fashion, it pays that you have a run sheet especially for the wedding event so that you will have a bird’s eye view of what shall transpire from morning to sundown, itinerary, and people whom you’ll have to work with or pass along a few errands related to the wedding.

  • Have a final arvo or afternoon of wine and food tasting

Of course, designing a menu or acquiescing meal packages or buffet has been done months before but must you still figure if they are the stuff you had relayed to your caterer. Some couples samples and dines in to figure if the food tastes divine and each dietary requirement fits.

  • Billeting for the hotel

Especially if it is a destination wedding, every bloke in the list should be billeted and accommodated to their rooms and provisioned with their needs like meals. And just the same, do that for yourself and your loved one.

  • Do not stroll with a lorry filled with luggage during the wedding day

These should be pulled through earlier. The day before the wedding, everything should be packed, any hand carry stuff or bags put off, especially if there would be a honeymoon out-of-town or out of the country after the reception.

  • Have trusted people to handle documents and gift caretakers

Stoked enough to get married, you might forget about the marriage licence! Ask a friend or a family member to keep the document for you, and assign someone to take the wedding gifts too.

  • Pay the wedding services vendors

If it is part of the contract to have a downpayment, then pay what you ought to first. Other companies require payment a month before the wedding so keep that in mind. You don’t want to lose your suppliers because you forgot to pay the remaining balance. If there is a supplier that you need to pay cash on the day, ask a dependable family member or friend to foot in the whole agreed fee. 

  • Distribute the wedding keepsakes and favours

If you find it a bit tasking on your part to this during the wedding, ask help from ushers. Or be flexible, like giving away these favours while having photo ops per table.

  • Do not starve yourself

Don’t get yourself famished, eat moderately if you may, so that you have the stamina for the other to-dos on your wedding.

  • Finalise your requests to your vendors

If you have a not-to-play list, say it in advance to your DJ; if you have a song in mind you would like for your entrance and exit, finalise everything and relay it to your chosen wedding entertainment. Additionally, If there are also memorable songs you would like the band to study prior to performing them on your day, tell them too. Then, if you happen to realise someone has allergies and could not eat certain foods, say it to the caterer. And if you have specific people in mind for joint transportation before and after the wedding, tell the transport service provider and get his contact number.

  • Never forget your scheduled grooming, haircut, makeup trials, waxing, tanning, garments fitting etc.

Schedule all these, maybe months or weeks before your wedding day, so that you could see the final outcome of your looks for the wedding. Months before having fittings for the wedding entourage, then a week may have a final glimpse of dresses and suits to be worn for adjustments.


Finally, rid your mind of any stressors and just revel at the moment. Have a day of silence and do what makes you happy so that you can recharge and be in the tip-top form before you say I do.

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