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Wedding Entertainment Yarra Valley – Choosing The Right Suppliers For Your Event

As a Yarra Valley Wedding DJ, it is one great aspect of Djing to blend in and mingle with different people more than the perks of the job. And as part of this people-person job it is a privilege to be a part of making fond memories during the couple’s wedding day seeing them contented and over the moon with the kind of service delivered to them is their seal of approval that something good has been done.

Even so, we DJs have these passes as an insider on who’s the most commendable, especially in choosing the right suppliers and vendors out there. Let us share with you salient points in selecting the best one:

  • Write down one’s budget 

Part of the planning phase is laying down how much funds the couple has. From here, one can tell organically how many guests could be accommodated, what venue would house the ceremony and the reception, what other stuff could be afforded for decorations and styling, transport, entertainment, photography, videography, the dress, the suit and tie, wedding favours, menu etc.

  • Research while at the comfort of one’s seat 

Spend enough time immersing on leafing through online wedding directories, testimonials of previous clients of prospects, wedding blog posts, visit wedding websites etc. When inquiring, provide tidbits about like name, what type of wedding is being envisioned, time and or if the venue is available so they too would have an idea what is being sought for.

  • Grab that wedding magazine 

One can read through the features, commentaries and recommendations of magazine authors for they too, do their research and interview of the best vendors and suppliers in town. They could also give insights on those that are quality yet economical.

  • Create a shortlist and set appointments for an interview 

Now that one has an idea who’s who, then it is time to contact these people and have an inquiry about their services, pricing, packages, previous weddings and events etc. Others prefer to have a personal meeting with vendors and suppliers, and from there they could discern if the attitude, service offered, and pricing match their expectations.

  • Be honest on what is actually looking for

It may be tasking but at least being upfront save one from expecting too much when one has said so little prior to the big day. If there is somewhat resistant to the requests or queries, maybe look for another set of supplier or vendor.

  • Look for the ones that are not so costly but not so cheap either 

One vendor can provide five-star services without compromising your budget, but others would extremely cost you a lot, but the service is should we say plainly okay. 

  • Know the honest opinion of industry players like DJs 

Beyond the beat matching, spinning and mixing of sounds good thing about being a DJ is that one is able to work with talented people in the wedding industry – rubbing elbows with the veterans in creating the most delectable and beautiful cake masterpieces, being able to get a firsthand peek of profound wedding styling of an event made by the genius stylists, getting chummy with high flying Chefs from Michelin starred restaurants, have a thing or two about life in the fast lane with chauffeurs and transport service providers.

dj in the yarra valley
Choose the right suppliers for your special day! 

More than ever, when it comes to our own wedding or any event, we also count on these people and amazingly they convene to give a spectacular event. Plus, if there are also clients who are looking for florists, caterers, celebrants, musicians etc., there is already someone to be referred. So it is a win-win situation for us DJs and colleagues in the industry. This is how each is of help with one another. Of course, we too know who offer their services with a not so hefty cost but still provide stellar performance. We have an idea who people are clamouring for and are always preferred because of their honest to goodness service and friendly disposition.

More so, as an act of professionalism, we would not tell you or drop names of which aren’t that good but at least we could help you avoid them and lead you to the best ones so as not to ruin your special day.  

So that each piece of the wedding fits right where they should be, plan thoroughly and work with the right people who could also send your way the perfect vendors and suppliers to make your dream wedding happen.

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