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Read on for more Wedding Music Yarra Valley song tips and ideas for your special day! 

Wedding Yarra Valley Tips: How To Write Your Own Vows

One of the most exciting parts of the wedding ceremony other than the anticipated actual “I dos” would be the wedding vows.

Hire DJ Yarra Valley: Things to consider when hiring a DJ for Entertainment 

What are the things anyone might want to consider before hiring a DJ for entertainment? Here are a few that could be jotted down to one’s personal notes.

Event DJ Tips: How To Create An Event Hashtag

Your event could reach the awareness of many people and make it more successful with more patronage and even garner sponsorship in the process of using hashtags.

DJ Yarra Valley Weddings: What Kinds of Songs are Perfect for Your Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hours are ripe for socialisation while enjoying toothsome, appetising food and music by your chosen Weddings DJ Yarra Valley .

Wedding Song Yarra Valley Tips: Why explicit song lyrics don’t belong at your wedding

Here are some things we ought to delve into why explicit song lyrics must not be played in your wedding.

Yarra Valley Wedding Music DJ Tips: What Soft Rock Ballads are killing it at Weddings This Year?

It takes a good DJ to discern where exactly should such songs fall. Is it coherent with the rest of the theme? And there is where the expert Yarra Valley Wedding Music DJ comes in.

Yarra Valley Wedding DJ Music Tips: 10 High Energy Songs for your Grand Entrance

Whichever songs should you choose, the magic begins with going out of your comfort zone and letting the Wedding DJ take charge of the party. No party has ever failed, especially when you choose the best Yarra Valley Wedding DJ there is! 

Wedding DJ Yarra Valley Tips – 80s’ and 90s’ Songs That Will Fill Up Your Dance Floor, Guaranteed

Here are some songs from the 80s’ and 90s’ that never go out of style and are guaranteed to fill up the dance floor to this very day:

Wedding DJ Melbourne Tips

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding DJ Melbourne Tips There are a lot of key factors for the wedding reception Melbourne that can make or break the big party. Most people are looking for their reception to be a fun time for everyone. This means that the food should be...

Wedding DJ Music Melbourne: Our Prediction for the Hottest Songs for Weddings in 2022

Choosing wedding songs could be tricky because many couples still classify them separately as ceremony, first dance, and dance floor songs. Couples must be certain which is which. 

Wedding Bomboniere Ideas – DIY and More

Wedding Bomboniere Ideas – DIY and More

Wedding Bomboniere Ideas - DIY and More  Guests are also spectators, and beyond the grub, the entertainment, experience and memories, one thing they would be anticipating is the Bomboniere. This is literally a piece of that glorious milestone in your life shared with...

DJ In The Yarra Valley – How To Have An Awesome Wedding

DJ In The Yarra Valley – How To Have An Awesome Wedding

 Believe it or don't believe it, the DJ in the Yarra Valley DOESN'T have as much to do with making this happen AS YOU DO! You have the power as a couple to make your wedding dance party the most fun and amazing ever. How you ask? We got you! Here is what you need to...

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