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Wedding Song Yarra Valley Tips: Why explicit song lyrics don’t belong at your wedding

For sure, one will not attend a wedding wearing black except if the motif is gothic. No soul would have the guts to come to a funeral with a blood-red outfit to arouse the anger of the deceased’s family. Same with songs in a wedding, everyone, of course, is extra careful in coming up with a “to play” and “not to play” list. But why do some songs make it to the “not to playlist?” One good reason is the lyrics of the song and its meaning.

Most likely, these songs contain explicit lyrics that could upset anyone in attendance at the wedding, and we have to consider a lot of things before making that song heard during the reception.

Here are some things we ought to delve into why explicit song lyrics must not be played in your wedding:

  • Sexual Undertones and violence – let’s face the fact that there are more adults in attendance and that we are in a world where liberal ideologies are out there, but for the sake of committing to having a “class”, event couples intend to skip such songs. People do not make fun of sex and gory, violent details in such events; this is, a silent rule that everyone must observe.
  • We avoid offending and trashing the whole wedding ceremony and program– especially for cultural weddings; it actually does not matter if it is the usual western type of wedding or if it is a Hindu, Jewish wedding etc. All the more, those songs with explicit lyrics are avoided because in some cultures and religions, there is so much importance given to conservative viewpoints, and music is not an exception. 
  • The Elders– during weddings, the parents, grandparents and other elders from both kin are in attendance. Let us not dampen their mood or try to get them distressed with the “F” word, or they might see that they are being disrespected in the process.
  • Kids – Children are great imitators of adult’s words, expressions and actions, so may it be that we spare their ears from hearing vulgar words. We do not want our own kids to utter explicit words in front of our parents and grandparents. 

Reserving pleasantries are called for, especially during weddings. Not a thing will be missed if songs with explicit lyrics are avoided at this time. Now, if the songs are one of those favourites, a good wedding DJ could provide a more wholesome song edit instead. With that said, also take in mind the fun and enjoyment of those in attendance. That way, you win; and they also do.

Wedding Song Yarra Valley Tips: Why explicit song lyrics don’t belong at your wedding blog by Yarra Valley Wedding DJ

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