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Yarra Valley Wedding DJ Music Tips: 10 High Energy Songs for your Grand Entrance

The wedding ceremony a far more formal and solemn. Every couple would want to have a grand entrance to their wedding reception that is fun, fresh and upbeat. 

The choice of the grand entrance songs nowadays would be something out of the traditional anything that is mirthful, inviting and sets the tone for the celebration.

Here are ten high energy song suggestions that could pump up life into a wedding couple’s grand entrance to the party:

  • Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves is a classic to any party, and it is perhaps one of the well-loved, not so complicated lyrics and easy to get by a melody that anyone can sing along with. It tremendously shifts the mood of any guests from sullen to sunny.
  • Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO have the perfect line of party anthems, and this one is much recognisable as it has been part of the soundtrack of the animated film Hotel Transylvania other than the Zing Song. It would not only raise the dead to life but also enliven any dance floor and wedding grand entrances too.
  • A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay has been lauded to always come up with songs that later become surefire hits from Clocks, Yellow, The Scientist, and Something Just Like this, among others. They stay relevant to this day, and even grand entrances for weddings are never spared from their well composed and written songs that could be a feature at any time and even any occasion. Just revel in the line “Cause you’re a sky, ‘cause you’re a sky full of stars…I’m gonna give you my heart…” and have a starry filled grand entrance with it.
  • Tubthumping by Chumbawamba is an unconventional song for a grand entrance, but when you listen to it until the very end, you might say it is not actually bad as it tells you of drinking and celebrating all night long. Don’t just go tipsy with this one but not awkwardly wasted even; this song is just enough to kick start the wedding reception. You will be going home singing “Danny Boy, Danny Boy…” and that’s just a fair warning.
  • Fireball by Pitbull featuring John Ryan shall transport the bride and the groom to a somewhat Latino Party, and with its infectious rhythm, everyone shall deplorably sink their teeth on a dance exhibition that runs through and through like a Mexican Fiesta sans the piñata!
  • Suit and Tie by Justin Timberlake Who say you can’t party with a black tie? Justin Timberlake and Jay Z will give you the license to dance to your heart’s liking without ever being self-conscious or likely tearing up that suit and tie? Or that ostentatious gown?
  • Sugar by Maroon 5  This song shall spice up and give just enough “frosting” to the grand entrance and undoubtedly make the family members and guests jump out of their seats to dance along. Believe me, this is not plain sugar coating but a genuinely awesome song to usher in the bride and the groom!
  • Raise your glass by Pink Definitely a badass artist, and we could actually propose a toast to that as she could also conquer the grand entrance for the wedding couple! This song of hers is not for those who would just simply nod their heads to the beat; to appreciate it dance along and raise your glasses too.
  • I gotta feeling by Black Eyed Peas It is not just a simple hunch, but the song of Black Eyed Peas is an affirmation that you can both celebrate love and have a party with so much abandon.
  • Forever by Chris Brown will take you to a place where not just lovers reign but also somewhere you could just revel in danceable tunes that ups the adrenaline in each of you. So go dancing forever and a day if you want to!

Whichever songs should you choose, the magic begins with going out of your comfort zone and letting the Wedding DJ take charge of the party. No party has ever failed, especially when you choose the best Yarra Valley Wedding DJ there is! 

Yarra Valley Wedding DJ Music Tips: 10 High Energy Grand Entrance Songs blog by Yarra Valley Wedding DJ

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