Yarra Valley Wedding Music DJ Tips

Yarra Valley Wedding Music DJ Tips: What Soft Rock Ballads are killing it at Weddings This Year?

Sometimes people ask, can any genre actually work with weddings? Yes, it is possible to throw in some soft rock ballads, but it could be tricky.

Why? Because if you are not the wedding DJ, perhaps you would still need to learn how to place them in the repertoire. Will it be for the grand entrance or the exit or part of the first dance? It takes a good DJ to discern where exactly should such songs fall. Is it coherent with the rest of the theme? And there is where the expert Yarra Valley Wedding Music DJ comes in.

Another thing that should be paid attention to is the lyrics of the song; the melody might be explicable spectacular for the wedding entrance, but how much of the lyrics depict the wedding?

Here are some songs you may want to hear the next time you hit your laptop and search for them, and they definitely kill it at Yarra Valley Weddings this year:

  • Best Day of My Life by American Authors – Quite the danceable side but the funky lyrics just grows on you and makes you want to have a wedding at the beach and feel the trickle of the water onto your toes.
  • Everything I Do, I do it for you by Bryan Adams- it’s been ages but this song still hit hard to the heart, and if love could be this pure, perhaps one would keep it for always and always, beyond eternity.
  • Our Love by Incubus – surprise, surprise! This song got into the list because of its skillfully strewn electric guitar and guitar rendition. But beyond that, there is something in the lyrics that you would not expect “Cause our love’s not hiding anymore…” this reminds us of love that has no bounds, no age, no colour, no varying ideology and no gender.
  • I believe in a Thing Called Love by Darkness – You may find the adult male falsetto hilarious, but this fun song actually is crazy enough to be danced to or could be background music for furiously exciting games at the wedding.
  • Come to Me by Goo Goo Dolls- If Iris reduced you to tears, this one would make you feel good, and the lyrics definitely tell you of give and take and what a perfect wedding could and should be.
  • On Top of the world by Imagine Dragons – You would not agree less that if you love someone, tell them no matter where, what life has had for you in the past as the song says, don’t hold anything back –same with loving.
  • I Don’t Wanna Miss Thing by Aerosmith – Don’t miss out on including this song on the playlist; though it may be rough on the edges, the song is actually a tear-jerker.
  • Only Exception by Paramore – If you happen to like the original soundtrack of part one of Twilight Saga, well then, Paramore is no stranger to you. But At this point, this song is a soft one but still worthy of being listened to, knowing that when we love, the person shall be the only exception.

The quest for the best soft ballad or any songs related to this genre for sure would not be the easiest one, but if you know the right wedding DJ who had many years to get to know them, research them and play them. It would be the most rewarding experience because just like people, songs should constantly be treated special as they are.

Yarra Valley Wedding Music DJ Tips: Soft Rock Ballads for Weddings blog by Yarra Valley Wedding DJ

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